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Chasing Spirituality Podcast

Episode 88: Facing your Fears

In this episode Amanda and Megan talk about how to recognize that fear is holding you back, how to work through fear so that you can take inspired action towards your dreams and goals, and how to differentiate between your Ego voice and your Higher Self.

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Power Through Healing

Season 2, Episode 3: Communicating with your Higher Self

In this episode Amanda talks about her spiritual journey, how to know when you're living in alignment, and how to communicate with your Higher Self.

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She Illuminates the World

Episode 48: Embracing the Spiritual Path

Amanda and Jocelyn discuss learning to shed old belief systems and trust your intuition, the shift in energy and ascension happening on Earth, and what it means to have a spiritual awakening.

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Strive to Thrive: The Purposely Positive Podcast

Episode 103: The Fear Factor

Amanda and Tony talk all about fear and how to deal with fear when it shows up in every day life.

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Ebb and Glow Podcast

Episode 106: Self Worth and Seeking Validation Outside Ourselves

Talking through the phases of ebb and glow of my life, from living with low self-worth, to discovering my inner power and creating a life that I love.

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Astrocandy Podcast

Episode 68: Fear, Limiting Beliefs, Fulfillment and Manifestation with Soul Alignment Coach Amanda Blau

Raven of Astrocandy Podcast and I come together to discuss the most common fears and subconscious limiting beliefs that hinder us from living a fulfilled life.

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Anxious and Ambitious

Episode 20: Generating Internal Motivation, Validation and Self-Worth with Amanda Blau

In this episode we chat about my journey from Powerlifter and personal trainer to Soul Alignment Coach, the connection between emotions and eating/exercise, how to listen to your intuition instead of the "shoulds," why doing less and slowing down can allow for more progress, how to release the need for control and feel comfortable in uncertainty, how to develop a renewed relationship with your inner critic and much, much more.

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The Dream Collective Podcast

Episode 19: You're Not Your Feelings

We cover a wide range of topics on this episode including the power of love and its importance in manifestation, the dark side of a spiritual awakening, why it's important to feel your feelings, and the difference between the human desire and the soul desire.

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The Grounded Guidance Podcast

Episode 10: Unlocking Self-Love and Authenticity - A Deep Dive into Soul Alignment

We discuss what it looks like to follow your intuition, how to shift the narrative you've been conditioned to believe, the role of the ego and how to work with it rather than against it, and my experiences trance channeling and learning to embrace self-acceptance.

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