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The Expansion Experience

The Expansion Experience is a monthly 90-min event designed to help you experience expansion of the mind, body and soul.

Each month a different Archangel, Ascended Master or galactic being of higher consciousness comes through to channel a message on a different topic, specifically for the people in attendance based on what they need most at that time.

From there, they welcome forward each person one at at time to engage in a 1:1 coaching experience with them.

This is for you if:

  • You enjoy channeled messages and hearing the perspective and wisdom from the Archangels and Ascended Masters

  • You're feeling lost, confused, and/or unhappy but you aren't sure how to move forward in a new way or create the changes you deeply desire to

  • You want to make a pivot in your life but you're feeling stuck, scared, or unsure about the path ahead and you want to receive clarity and support on next steps

  • You want to experience a deeper connection to yourself and/or something greater than you, and you'd like guidance on how to tap into this more regularly, or trust it more fully

  • You'd like to be amongst peers who are moving through similar circumstances, and watch them receive support that you can also learn and grow from

Tickets for The Expansion Experience are $49.00 USD and go on sale 2 weeks prior to each event.


Upcoming events:

December 17, 2023: Echoes from Atlantis: Exploring Synchronicities Between Atlantis & Modern Earth

Past Events:

July 9, 2023

Watch an excerpt of a channeled message from Jeshua on the perception of your worthiness, and how your beliefs about your self-worth dictate your life

August 20, 2023

Watch an excerpt of a channeled message from Goddess Isis on the topic of self-perception and personal identity

September 17, 2023

Watch an excerpt of a channeled message from Archangel Metatron on the expectations we place on future outcomes, and how our fears and desires for the future creates our present pain and suffering

October 15, 2023

Watch an excerpt of a channeled message from the Pleiadians on why we hold indecision around choices and how attempting to avoid worst case scenarios limits our potential

November 19, 2023

Watch an excerpt of a channeled message from the God Osiris on embracing the ego, mastering self-awareness and increasing consciousness

If you wish to stay updated on future Expansion Experiences, or if you wish to register for the following Expansion Experience, please submit your name and email address below and I'll be in touch soon with the details!

Thanks for submitting!

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