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Higher Self Healing Portal
$250 USD

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a conversation with your soul?

Well, now you can….literally.

The Higher Self Healing Portal is a 1-hour coaching session with your soul where I trance-channel your Higher Self, meaning, I invite your soul’s energy into my physical body to speak directly through me and relay messages, wisdom and guidance for you.

This is a session designed to open your mind to new possibilities and clear any mental blocks that are keeping you stuck.


Your soul knows the way...allow it to show you.

Come with prepared questions about areas of your life where you’re feeling stuck, blocked, frustrated, worried, confused, or where you’re simply curious to learn more.


With the help of your soul-self, you will be asked powerful questions and coached through your limitations, doubts and fears in order to embrace your deepest desires, realize your full potential, and feel inspired to move forward in a new way more fully aligned with your highest calling.

Your higher self will not give you the answers, rather, they will empower you to find your own by reflecting things back to you and asking you powerful questions to ignite your own wisdom from within.

You may be asked to feel things you’ve never desired to, express yourself in new and vulnerable ways, take accountability for who and where you are in life, and experience yourself differently and perhaps, uncomfortably.


By the end of the session you will understand what’s been blocking you, how to move through it, and what will be required of you in order to change the way you have been operating and show up differently in your life as a result.


This is for you if:

  • You’re feeling stuck, lost, confused, or frustrated and want clarity on why this is your reality and how to move forward in a new way.

  • You’re curious about your life and want to understand yourself and your purpose within this lifetime on a deeper level.

  • You want to see what’s truly possible for you if you allow yourself to open up to your full potential.


Some common questions clients ask include:

  • Soul purpose in this lifetime and how to fully embody it

  • Challenges you incarnated to work through and what they’re meant to teach you

  • Soul gifts you’re bringing into this lifetime and how to best utilize them

  • Ways to move through current blocks that you’re having trouble navigating

  • What you’re meant to learn from the current obstacles you’re facing

  • How to work through tricky relationships or work/life situations and dynamics

  • Advice around certain choices or opportunities you’re facing

These sessions are recorded (unless you specify otherwise) and a copy will be sent to you within 24 hours so that you can be fully present during the experience knowing you'll have the opportunity to re-watch it as often as you like.


Transformation requires facing your deepest truth, working through it, and moving past it.


But oftentimes without realizing we’re doing it, we hide how we truly feel from ourselves because we hold shame or judgment around parts of ourselves that we dislike. 

These underlying thoughts, fears, and belief systems that we’re hiding from run in the back of our minds even though we're not 100% aware that they're there, and they manifest by showing up as frustrating feelings or patterns that we can't quite figure out how to resolve and unfortunately, keep us stuck right where we are.

Here are some signs of how this can look:


  • Feeling stuck or stagnant, lost or confused, or just generally sad and/or down without really knowing why, and not being able to shake these feelings away despite your best efforts to cheer yourself up.

  • Repeating disempowering or defeating cycles or patterns over and over again even though you’ve been trying to break free from them for what seems like forever.

  • Having a goal or dream but avoiding, procrastinating, or putting off working towards it without really knowing why.

  • Butting up against the same blocks or upper limits in business, relationships, or personally that you can’t seem to move past regardless of what you try.

Because you're unaware of the underlying beliefs and/or fears that are creating these experiences, you can't figure out how to change them, and maybe you don't even know how to express or explain them fully...

You just know that you're stuck, and you don't feel comfortable.


Here's the thing: nobody knows you better than your own soul, and they have the benefit of being able to pull whatever has been buried in your subconscious right to the surface.


This forces you to come to terms with your true feelings, and shows you how to move past them so they no longer weigh you down or hold you back from experiencing yourself and life in a new way.


How is it different from a psychic reading?


This is not a way of finding out about your future or being given information about what to expect, it’s an experience of your own unconscious belief systems in order to navigate your deepest fears so they no longer stand in your way.


There is so much benefit to learning about yourself in the PRESENT, because by understanding and changing who you are now, you have the potential to change the course of your future.


How is it different from coaching?


Coaching is a way of questioning your limitations in order to see your potential without them.


This is no different, however, a coach is limited by their ability to reveal what’s in a client’s conscious awareness. But as you read above, so much of what’s going on in your life is a byproduct of what’s going on subconsciously.


What makes this special is that your Higher Self has the ability to pull what’s in your subconscious right to the surface so it can be observed, felt, cleared and moved beyond at a much faster pace.

It's transformation, accelerated.

Here are some full-length Higher Self sessions to watch and enjoy:

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