Podcasts & Workshops

Various podcast appearances and workshops that Amanda has taken part in.

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Chasing Spirituality Podcast

Episode 88: Facing your Fears

In this episode Amanda and Megan talk about how to recognize that fear is holding you back, how to work through fear so that you can take inspired action towards your dreams and goals, and how to differentiate between your Ego voice and your Higher Self.

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Power Through Healing

Season 2, Episode 3: Communicating with your Higher Self

In this episode Amanda talks about her spiritual journey, how to know when you're living in alignment, and how to communicate with your Higher Self.

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She Illuminates the World

Episode 48: Embracing the Spiritual Path

Amanda and Jocelyn discuss learning to shed old belief systems and trust your intuition, the shift in energy and ascension happening on Earth, and what it means to have a spiritual awakening.

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