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Do you ever feel a sense of longing?


A feeling that things aren't quite right, but you’re not 100% sure why or what to do about it?


Maybe you have a faint awareness that the way things are doesn't fulfill you in the way that you’d like them to.


Or, maybe deep down, you know exactly what’s calling to you but you’ve been avoiding it because it scares you a little.


Because you don’t feel fully worthy of it…


Or you don’t know how to get it….


Or you’re afraid that if you give in to what you know deep down you really want, it won’t turn out the way you want it to, and the idea of trying and failing is more painful than ignoring what you want altogether.


And maybe if you pretend you don’t really want it, the longing feeling will just go away. 


I know how you feel because I’ve been there too.


The life you’ve created for yourself is what everyone said would be exactly what you needed in order to feel fulfilled, loved, and taken care of, but there’s something else that’s calling to you.


And it’s gotten louder and it’s brought you here.


A knowing that deep down, there is more available to you.


Your soul is trying to call you forward into a version of yourself that you deeply desire to be, but your human self is scared.


It’s scared of failing, it’s scared of what people would think, and it’s scared that you might not be worthy of what you really want.


Here’s the truth my love: denying yourself what you want isn’t easier, it just feels easier because it’s familiar.


The reality is, it’s uncomfortable either way.


If you downplay what you know deep down is calling to you, you have to live with the discomfort of not feeling like things are quite right.


If you allow yourself to want what you want, then you have to live with the discomfort that’s required in going for it.


There is no right or wrong, you get to choose your discomfort.


But, if you’re ready to answer the call and face your truth, which is that you don’t feel aligned with the life you’ve built and the person that you are, I’d like to introduce you to Soul Alignment Coaching.


Alignment is the recognition of your deepest truth and taking action that is in line with it.


In order to live a life that inspires you, a life that you love so deeply that you can’t believe you actually created it (it’s possible and I’m living proof of it), first you must admit to yourself where you aren’t happy and what it is that you really want instead.


From there, you get to choose if you’re going to work through the fear and self-doubt that’s been holding you back from building it.


In order to create and live a life that looks different from the one you’re currently experiencing, we need to address you.


To your soul self, you are LIMITLESS.


You came here as a divine creator, and therefore, there is truly nothing off-limits to you except for the limitations that you create within your own mind.


To the human mind, change is scary and uncertainty feels unsafe.


Therefore, your human self will always find ways to keep you right where it likes you: in the same place you’ve always been, having the same thoughts you’ve always had, and living out the same experiences over and over again.


In this way, your soul self and your human self have been at odds.

My Approach



With Soul Alignment Coaching, you will learn how to hear, feel, access and trust your own inner wisdom and embody your soul self in order to step into an expanded version of you, and from that place, anything is possible.

Your journey begins with a Breakthrough Session which is a 90-min complimentary call where we will:


  • Create clarity around a vision for where you would like to see yourself in 12 months from now, and if you don’t know, don’t worry! I have some ways to work with you to figure it out ;)

  • Discover where you are in relation to your vision and what it’s going to take to create it

  • Reveal what you feel is blocking you from fully stepping into it and taking aligned action towards it


Then we will discuss what working together would look like in order to bring this vision to life.


I work with clients in long-term packages (6-12 months) because I believe change takes time, and what I love more than anything is deep, profound, personal transformation.

Therefore, this is only for you if you’re ready to take big, bold action towards what you desire over an extended period of time with me.

I have a unique ability to act as a channel for the soul self and in this way, I act as a bridge between your soul and its human counterpart. This allows me to know what’s going on at the unconscious level of each client, and what they need to know, hear and work through in order to create the transformation that they’re hoping for.


Every step along the way is done with purpose, and the path forward is set by your soul and for your soul. This means that my approach for each client is completely unique as each soul will require something different for their own growth and expansion.


Sessions take place every other week and are 90-min in length.


We will spend some time mapping out short-term goals and begin working towards your vision and working through all the human-stuff that comes up along the way.


A vision can be a way of living, doing, or feeling. There is no right or wrong, this is your path to dictate and walk down.


If you’re ready to answer the call that you’ve been feeling deep within you, if you’re ready to do the inner work necessary to build a more loving and compassionate relationship with yourself, if you’re ready to create and live a life that’s in full alignment with who you really are, book a Breakthrough Session and let's find out what soul alignment looks and feels like for you.


Karen M.

Oh my gosh!  I just watched the video and as usual:  you got through to me!  Naturally I was teary - and I didn’t even do the whole exercise.  All I did was observe the energy that was causing my physical distress (head and neck).  I imagined what it looked like (one force bearing down on my skull and one force pushing out - almost like opposing tectonic plates).  I observed and dispassionately watched these energies, without judgment).  And the pain and the pressure mostly went away! I am out of town and don’t have my computer but am going to start to engage in listening to my yelling voices (giving em a platform) when I get home in a few days.

You really are special.  I’m not sure WHY your message and tone resonate so much with me but I am certain that they do and I can’t help but respond, absorb, and try to process.  You are sincere, empathetic, and I want to help you help others to benefit from that.


Tawny B.

Amanda has a gift of connecting to higher selves like no one I have ever seen. Her pure channel tapped not only into my own high self but also that of my son to deliver a strong message of what I needed to hear to move forward. She has a very comforting presence and even though she was pushing me to be very vulnerable within our session, I felt safe and supported the whole time. She helped navigate my emotions through the vulnerability and helped me to uncover a new layer within myself that I needed to face. 


I already knew a lot of what she was bringing forward but I needed to hear it from an external source to really drive the messages home and help me look at things in a new way. I feel more aligned with my true self since our session and I am so thankful that I was able to connect with Amanda and be able to experience her gifts in action.

Tammy D.

Amanda creates a special vibration that makes you feel so present and zoned in that nothing else is going on except you and your growth . I felt a bubble of light embracing me creating a feeling of safety knowing someone else can carry the weight of my stress. I felt like she is taking care of everything and I don’t have to worry, she is leading the way, extremely professional. It was like talking to someone who has done this for years and in her late age . Every step through the sessions that she took me through I felt seen and recognized. Not at all a transaction but an immersed experience of genuine care and a feeling of hope that I’m actually gonna move forward.


Very special and unique girl. It made me want to refer a bunch of people so that all the lost souls who are out of touch with their joy could finally be touched by some light.


Thank you.

Marianne M.

Amanda blew my mind. The information she shared with me was in a sense so simple, and yet at the same time so profound. It helped make so much sense out of my life and it brought me the clarity that I had been seeking for a long time. And this clarity brought a new level of peace and acceptance into my life. I told her that she had just done some serious holy work. I am so grateful for Amanda and her gifts.

Megan M.

WOW. I was blown away with how much she helped guide me through past pain that has been holding me back. She was kind, understanding, and extremely supportive of my story and the emotions I was going through. 


She led me through exercises that allowed me to understand the situations and the emotions that I have been holding onto. These sessions were such powerful hours of discovery, accepting, and releasing. She gave me the reassurance and encouragement that I needed to continue on my journey. 


I highly recommend if you are looking to deep dive into your soul, explore the uncomfortable questions, and push forth towards your true life’s purpose, Amanda is the one to help. 

Click below if you're ready for change.

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